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What's new in our bookshop? 

turner School Leader Researcher    by Dr David Turner 

This book presents a model for involving school leaders in the research process and gives specific examples of how they are contributing to the generation of knowledge about their complex work. Its genesis is in the assertion that people who are undertaking such roles offer valuable insights and opportunities that should inform school leadership practice. Dr David Turner, with Professor David Lynch of Southern Cross University, brings together contributions from school leaders undertaking research into their profession, to present a collection of chapters and shine a light on School Leader Research. Read More

madden3   School Reform: Case studies in teaching improvement  by Jake Madden 

Jake Madden, an education leader and researcher of note, has pioneered the concept of Teacher as Researchers in various educational settings across the globe. In this book Madden provides a set of teacher researcher based case studies which demonstrate, not only the development of new classroom knowledge, but a viable means through which such new knowledge is actioned for student learning impacts Read More


willis    Towards a Strategic Blend in Education: A review of Blended Learning Literature.  By Royce Willis, et al

How might schools harness technological innovation for classroom effects? In this book the authors seek to answer this question by introducing and investigating the concept of Blended Learning through a review of current research literature. In this book, the authors consolidate the current state of Blended Learning research, by defining what is meant by Blended Learning before discussing specific technologies used in Blended Learning, the professional development required of teachers and how to implement whole of school Blended Learning regimes in schools.  The book  includes descriptions of popular Blended Learning models with real-world examples of their implementation, addressing both student and teacher perspectives. This book will serve as a guide to hastening the progress of Blended Learning towards the improvement of student outcomes in a world of continuous technological innovation and social change. Read More


madden   Teachers TEACHing Teachers: How teacher learning improves student learning.  By Jake Madden (editor)

From Jake Madden, education’s doyen in whole of school improvement, comes a book that showcases the power of teachers engaging in research to improve teaching practice. Teachers Teaching Teachers showcases an evidence based approach to improving the teaching performance of teachers through the Teacher as Researcher premise. This teacher professional learning premise involves every teacher in a school undertaking a personal inquiry project within their classroom. The central message is that when learning opportunities for the teacher are made meaningful and relevant, teaching improvement occurs. Madden and his fellow chapter authors provide an account of how embedded personalized professional learning opportunities, the engagement of school based action research and the ongoing collaboration of expert teachers, is offering schools a new path for supporting and enabling school reform. Read More


Book 333    Inside the Designer: Understanding imagining in spatial design          By Marisha McAuliffe

Design is fundamental to our modern world. All human achievements, great and small, owe their being, in no small measure, to the concept of design. Whether it is in social and technological innovations, great human endeavours, building and construction projects or simply the environ and desire of the individual, design has been there. But a question remains: what goes on inside the designer’s head? For many decades now researchers, philosophers and academics have pondered this question. In this book Dr. Marisha McAuliffe focuses on the notions of imagining and design to interrogate such a question. In this book McAuliffe’s outlines her seminal work, as a design practitioner and academic over many years, to expand our understanding of imagining in the spatial design disciplines of architecture and interior design. This book is compulsive reading for the design professional, the student of design and those who have pondered, what goes on inside the designer’s head? Read More


Pofl       The Perception of Light     by Marisha McAuliffe

Light is essential to life and vision; without light, nothing exists. It plays a pivotal role in the world of architectural design and is used to generate all manner of perceptions that enhance the designed environment experience. But what are the fundamental elements that designers rely upon to generate light enhanced experiences? How are people’s perceptions influenced by designed light schemas? In this book Dr. Marisha McAuliffe highlights the relationship that exists between light source and surface and how both create quality of effect in the built environment. Concepts relating to architectural lighting design history, theories, research, and generation of lighting design schemes to create optimal experiences in architecture, interior architecture and design are all explored in detail. This book is essential reading for both the student and the professional working in architectural lighting, particularly in terms of qualitative perception oriented lighting design. Read More



product thumbnail 1      Through the Colour Lens    BY Marisha McAuliffe

Colour is used to adorn and decorate and many have tried to find an organisational system that could concretely states how colour is to be used correctly.In this book Marisha McAuliffe examines the concept of colour and its uses for those who design professionally or those who simply want to appreciate the complexities of colour. It examines light and contrast, and explains the pitfalls that are to be avoided in colour design. The book explores different concepts relating to, and including, colour history, systems and theories, requirements for a colour-based design project, research, and generation of colour schemes so as to create optimal experiences for colour in architecture, interior architecture and design. To fully understand colour, the book ventures into its scientific and ‘non-scientific’ elements compiling key points about its many characteristics. Taken together, this book is a compressive guide for those who seek to work with colour and to tap its enormous potentials for design effect. Read More



Francis    Advancing Social Work in Mental Health Through Strengths-based Practice.   By Francis et al. 

This book is about ‘strengths-based practice’ in social work. Strengths based practice refers to the identification of ‘strengths’ within an individual, family, or community, which are then employed to aid in promoting self-fulfilment and healing in a client. Strengths-based practice is a deliberate shift away from language and practices based on a client’s deficits or pathology--- a widespread approach that has dominated many fields within social science for some time--- to one that focuses on the client’s strengths. Read More 


 Hurley       Emotions in Education Settings.     By   Hurley, Van der Zwan and Linsley 

A new field of research in education is emerging known as emotional intelligence. This book showcases the many contributions that emotional intelligence can make to education and to the wellbeing of schools as social communities. This book recognises the changing role of the teacher and acknowledges the new skills and ways of understanding that are required to deliver education in contemporary society and within the context of the ongoing development of the teacher. A number of approaches within the emotional intelligence field are explored in this book so as to enable readers to better understand the diverse needs of the student. Read More 


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